EKZ Renewables purchases two wind farms in Portugal

6. December 2016

EKZ Renewables Ltd purchases two wind farms in the north of Portugal. The two wind farms “Vieira Cabreira” and “Zibreiro”, around 100 kilometres north-east and 150 kilometres east of Porto respectively, have already been running for several years. They generate around 19 million kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to the consumption of over 4200 four-person households. EKZ Renewables Ltd holds the majority stake in these wind farms. The minority stake is held by Plenium Partners, an independent investor and power plant operator in the renewable energy sector, based in Spain. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

14 wind farms in three countries
This purchase means that EKZ Renewables Ltd now holds majority stakes in 14 European wind farms: six in Germany, five in France and three in Portugal. In recent years, EKZ Renewables Ltd has accumulated considerable know-how in acquisition, which strengthens its position on the market. “This know-how is very valuable to us in the current situation because foreign wind farms are being fought over more and more fiercely,” explains Jean-Marc Degen, project manager for renewable energy at EKZ Renewables Ltd. For this reason, EKZ Renewables Ltd continues to assess investment projects thoroughly, with comprehensive analysis of all risks. Investments are only made in economically convincing power plants.  


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