EKZ Renewables has expanded its activities in the wind field of Neu Kosenow by acquiring the wind farm Neu Kosenow III from InvestInvent. The plant produces electricity for around 5,000 four-person households.
A formal breaking of the ground represented the beginning of the construction work for the 49.08 photovoltaic project "Algibicos" in the Spanish region of Murcia.
EKZ Renewables Ltd has acquired the «Algibicos» photovoltaic project in the Murcia region of Spain from aventron AG. The 49-megawatt plant is scheduled to begin operation in 2020 and is not receiving state support of any kind, meaning that its power will be sold on the market. By purchasing «Algibicos», EKZ Renewables Ltd is once again betting on the power of the Spanish sun and adding to its portfolio of renewable solar energy.

Welcome to EKZ Renewables

Welcome to the website of EKZ Renewables Ltd. We are involved in renewable energy projects both in Switzerland and abroad. Our area of expertise lies in the acquisition and management of investments in wind farm companies and photovoltaic power plants as well as the management of an investment in a concentrated solar thermal plant.

If required, the green power certificates generated during production will be used by the Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ) in the future or the electricity could even be imported into Switzerland.

We are a partner to HelveticWind, a joint venture involving several Swiss energy supply companies.

Our foundation
EKZ Renewables Ltd was founded in May 2011 by EKZ as a Swiss investment company. We are headquartered in the Canton of Zurich and are fully owned by EKZ.

Our future
We are actively seeking out further investment opportunities in neighboring countries. The focus is on the areas of wind energy (onshore) and photovoltaic power plants. Our goal is to invest around 600 million Swiss francs in building a diversified portfolio of power plants in the renewable energy sector.

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